Managing telecoupled landscapes


Diversifying farming systems: a path to a better future

Research results from the R4D telecoupling project have shown that the livelihoods of farmers in northeastern Madagascar strongly depend on cash crops such as vanilla and cloves. To meet the challenges presented by these research findings, the regional Project Steering Committee CROP decided to implement the action "training of model farmers for the diversification of farming systems". The video presents first results of this action.

Cash crops: Opportunity or Challenge? Voices from Maroantsetra region, Madagascar

Are cash crops like vanilla and cloves an opportunity or a challenge for the Maroantsetra region? The short film sheds light on the views of various stakeholders. Produced by students of the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern during a student excursion to Madagascar in August 2019.

How can distant stakeholders co-develop a shared vision for sustainable development?

In the north-east of Madagascar different stakeholders compete for the use of land. International NGOs aim to protect biodiversity-rich forests, while farmers concentrate on growing rice for their own consumption and vanilla and cloves for export to international markets. Can these distant stakeholders develop a shared vision for sustainable development?
This video-clip was produced as part of the r4d Digital Storytellers synthesis project.

The vanilla sector and sustainable development in north-eastern Madagascar

This short documentary explores the question of how the vanilla sector can contribute to sustainable development in north-eastern Madagascar. The film was produced by the r4d Telecoupling Madagascar team and served to promote discussions among different stakeholders at a science-policy-practice workshop held in Maroantsetra, Madagascar.

Sandry Game: Farmers' decisions on cash crop and subsistence production

The Sandry Game recreates the situation of farmers in Madagascar, who are faced with a trade-off between cash crop and subsistence production. How do they take decisions and which strategies seem to be the most promising?

Clove Production in Madagascar

A short video on clove production and challenges related to cyclones and price fluctuations on the international market.